What does a hernia feel like

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When the abdomen walls rupture, a hernia can result. How doe this rupture happen? The abdomen wall is made up of muscles and tendons. If there is a tear or rupture in the walls, the intestines will begin pushing through the wall. When this happens, the muscles of the abdomen are stretched and you’ll feel pain in the area of the body where the intestines are protruding through the abdominal barrier.

You’ll also feel swelling in the affected area and a sense of heaviness that will become more noticeable in the evening. The bulge in the abdomen area is less noticeable in the morning; however, once you get started with your day, you may notice that the bulge gets bigger. Your doctor can also verify that you have a hernia by checking your cough impulse. If the bulge increases in size when you cough, the doctor will use this indication to determine whether you have a hernia. Hernia can range in size from barely noticeable, minor swelling, to a protrusion in the abdomen that is the size of a football.

Hernia Symptoms

  • The abdomen muscles are stretched and exposed to lot of pressure. When the wall gets weighed down, the bulge can appear.
  • Heartburn take place when the abdomen forces weight onto the diaphragm. This leaves the hiatus partially open, causing chest discomfort, and you may have an acidic or tangy taste in your mouth.
  • Hernias also make you lose your appetite. The acid-like taste in your mouth will make it difficult for you to consume or enjoy your food.
  • If you’re having constant heartburn, chances are you will experience nausea as well. Severe nausea is caused by intestinal obstruction. This may make it impossible for you to participate in activities for long periods of time and can make you feel constantly dizzy.
  • Nausea often leads to vomiting. Chances are you’ll develop low-grade fever as well.
  • The bulge in your abdominal area can also cause constipation. Constipation is often accompanied by acidity, which makes you lose your appetite.
  • Pain is the most common symptom of a hernia. The pain is typically localized on the area where hernia occured. If you have hiatal hernia, you’ll feel pain mostly in the chest. If you’re suffering from an inguinal hernia, the pain will occur in your groin area and will likely move to the abdomen; which can cause pressure to the entire midsection. An inguinal hernia is also known as a sports hernia and can occur when the groin sustains serious injury or the tissues of the groin become strained or torn. This particular symptom is more common in men than women.

Internal shingles

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It is a known fact that the way one becomes exposed to a shingles infection is through the virus which also causes a chickenpox infection. In other words, only individuals who have had chickenpox could later develop shingles later on.

The virus will lie dormant in the nerve endings where it may be reactivated and become a shingles infection. Once activated, the virus will move down the nerve in the affected area causing a rash. If a nerve being affected is attached to an internal organ, shingles could potentially strike there as well. Internal shingles is far more serious than external shingles because it can lead to dangerous complications.

Symptoms of Internal Shingles

So that you can get immediate medical help, you should know what the symptoms of internal shingles are. Swelling of one’s lymph nodes is the most tell tale sign. Swelling can be observed in the area of the groin or under the arms. The reason for this is that the immune system becomes activated when it picks up on the virus’ presence. An unexplainable abdominal pain is the second symptom to be encountered. You will find that the stomach feels very tender to the touch. One may also suffer from gastrointestinal disturbances. This would generally happen if the gastrointestinal tract were being affected by the virus. Blisters in the throat and mouth may also develop creating irritating and painful lesions. Eating and drinking then become extremely hard for the person infected. These are the more milder signs one could experience. There are some serious symptoms that could develop as well.

Hutchinson’s sign is one of the more serious symptoms. With Hutchinson’s one will develop a rash across the end of the nose and the eye nerves are afflicted. One can develop vision problems, swelling, or possibly temporary blindness with shingles in the eye. One should seek immediate medical attention should they find a rash on their nose. Having the rash appear on the neck, face, mouth, and ears is also a serious symptom to be wary of. This will occur once the nerves of the face have been affected. Symptoms such as hearing loss, severe pain in the ear, dizziness, and facial paralysis are what the patient could experience. It is a temporary condition but medical attention is necessary.

There are some cases where the virus will invade internal body tissues. It may also affect organs such as the lungs, central nervous system, and the brain. Breathing problems and pneumonia can develop if shingles affects the lungs. In situations where the brain has been affected, one could experience headaches, confusion, dizziness, and unconsciousness. Having the viral infection in the brain can lead to the development of encephalitis. Encephalitis is a complication which causes the brain meninges to become inflamed. It can also cause damage to the nerves located around the brain. Life threatening complications can develop from these more serious symptoms in a patient.

Treatment of Internal Shingles

An antiviral drug called acyclovir is used to treat internal shingles. Acyclovir works to restrict the virus’ DNA from replicating which allows the condition to resolve itself. There are other antivirals that can be used such as famciclovir and valacyclovir. There are some cases where a patient could develop postherpetic neuralgia. This can cause persistent pain that the patient may endure for a few years. In order to alleviate the symptoms a patient can be given steroids and antidepressants.

It will generally take between 3 to 5 weeks for symptoms of internal shingles to fully resolve. Normally it can be cured leaving no major complications. Those who could show the more severe symptoms of internal shingles would be the elderly, children, and immunocompromised individuals.

Anorexic diet plan

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In anorexia a person who is extremely underweight will still see themselves as being ‘fat’. As a result they will go for days or weeks without eating food. They become obsessed with weight loss. In most cases young girls who have anorexia with fall ill or have a fainting accident that puts them in the hospital.

The key to disaster management in anorexic patients is getting them to accept that they have an eating disorder to begin with. Once this has been accomplished things will move forward much more easily. The focus will be on weight gain for the anorexic person first. In order for them to start gaining weight they will need to gradually increase their calorie intake. The focus should then be on meals that are high in protein since this will help to regain back muscle and bone strength. As bone and muscle starts to build up, weight gain follows. It is important to make sure the diet is a balanced one. If there is a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals then supplements should be used, especially vitamin B. It will also be important to cut back on any exercise regime to no more than 30 minutes.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: A really great source of minerals and vitamins are fresh fruits and vegetables. These are also low in calories. In a diet plan that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables there is an assurance of that person gaining weight along with better eating habits. While they may not have a lot of calories, they will help in the weight gaining process. Eating a very bad diet or using extreme measures for losing weight will cause damage on the digestive system. Eating fruits and vegetables will help get the digestive system back on track. Avoid eating too much potatoes because it tends to make a person feel too full, causing them to feel they have over eaten.

Proteins: It sounds cliché but proteins really are the building blocks of our body. It is also something an anorexic patient needs more of. The best source of protein would be those that are lean such as chicken breast and tenderloin because they have less fat. You will also want to have a good source of protein from eggs or pulses. Anything that doesn’t add to the overall content of fat will work. Boiling or grilling is best as this will ensure the least amount of fatty substances. Rebuilding of the tissues of the muscles is crucial and relies on protein more than anything. It can help to assure the patient that the protein sources they are being given are lean and low in fat.

Fiber and Carbohydrates: Fiber can be a tricky one so care needs to be taken. If an anorexic person overdoes it on the fiber, it can create bowel issues. But an acceptable amount of fiber is also necessary to help regulate bowel movements. One can gain fiber from salads, some grains, and a few other food items. Carbohydrates are another necessity for an anorexic persons diet. Keep in mind that most anorexic people have already convinced themselves that carbohydrates are bad. So it will be necessary to explain to them that this is not the case. We need a certain level of carbohydrates in our systems to keep the body running. The best way to fulfill that need is by adding whole grains, ground oats, and rice. These are not as processed as other grains. This will not only help the digestive system to recover but will nourish the body as well.

Canker sore on tonsil

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Before we look at the causes of canker sores forming on tonsils, we first need to look at what a cancer sore is to begin with. Canker sores are small non-viral and non-bacterial sores by nature. What this means is that the sores are not caused via an infection from any pathogenic agents. One of the more painful canker sores one can experience is having one on the tonsils. It’s a sore that can affect anyone and tends to sting and hurt each time one swallows. If the nature of this sore is not pathogenic in nature, how are canker sores caused? Canker sores are actually an allergic response to some foods. It can also be an allergic reaction to certain medicines. Certain ingredients in toothpaste have also been shown to cause this allergic reaction in the mouth. Another way for this condition to arise is through a physical irritation of the tonsil, for example from eating food that is too hard or hot. Each person has a different reason why a canker sore develops so the reason cannot really be determined as to what the exact cause would be.

Treatment for Canker Sore on Tonsil

When looking for a medical treatment for a canker sore on the tonsil, one needs to keep in mind that there is no singular treatment or cure-all out there. This is because what triggers the sores can vary from one person to the next. Canker sore treatment will also vary from person to persons. A few steps regarding how to deal with a canker sore on the tonsil are below.

If canker sores are something that you suffer from quite regularly, it would be beneficial to keep a food diary. This will allow you to make notes regarding everything that you eat and drink. This can then help you to determine if there is any pattern to the forming of the canker sores. If you notice that they appear after eating a certain food item, you will have a starting point for remedying them. The first step would be to avoid that trigger altogether.

Those who are prone to developing canker sores on their tonsils should try to avoid using any toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient. Sodium lauryl sulfate acts as a foaming agent in toothpaste and is quite often a trigger for canker sores to develop in the oral cavity and the tonsils.

One step you can take to minimize the severity of the canker sores symptoms is to use medications that are meant to lessen them. One example would be gargling agents which are meant to kill germs in the throat, this makes them especially useful in treating canker sores.

There are some foods which can aid in curing canker sore, Yogurt is one of these. It contains Lactobacillus acidophilus which helps lessen the burning feeling associated with canker sores. It would also be beneficial to totally avoid any spicy foods which will just worsen the irritation and pain.

Using zinc lozenges is a well known effective remedy to use for canker sores. Zinc aids in killing off germs due to its antibiotic affect. By killing the germs in the area of the canker sore, the healing process will be much faster.

There are a few mouthwashes which also have antibacterial ingredients in them. Using antibacterial mouthwash can expedite the healing of canker sores. Another alternative, if you don’t want to use mouthwash, would be to gargle with saltwater. This has been a long used home remedy for treating canker sores.

To help lessen the painful burning feeling there are topical soothing agents one can use. These would be glycerin or topical anesthetics.