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Normal hair growth can be affected by cysts on the scalp which are also known as sebaceous cysts. Cysts appear as elevated structures on their scalp and their appearance is similar to that of pimples. They are more common on the face and back but can appear on the scalp. A cyst on the scalp may be present for years without causing pain and they are usually harmless. Cysts can be found by running the fingers over the head and feeling for small bumps.

What Causes Cysts On The Scalp?

The main reason why cysts on the scalp develop is lack of proper hair care according to experts. Cysts can form when the hair follicle becomes blocked with dirt. As well as leading to cysts this can cause the scalp to smell. Cysts can also form when hair follicles become inflamed.

Mild to moderate hair loss may occur as a result of cysts on the scalp. Cysts of this type are known as pilar cysts. Bald patches that may appear are a very rare side effect. Although cysts are usually painless they can lead to an itchy scalp. This itchiness can become quite severe and may be extremely distracting for the person suffering from the cysts. They will experience strong urges to scratch the scalp.

Cysts on the scalp often go unnoticed due to the small size of the cysts and the slow rate at which they grow. Large cysts are a rare occurance. Cysts may be more noticeable if they are present on a person that is bald. This may cause embarrassment but there are treatment options available that can eliminate cysts on the scalp.

Treatments For Cyst On The Scalp

Most people suffering from cysts on the scalp will find them to be itchy rather than painful. In most cases cysts on the scalp will disappear in 1-2 weeks with no need for medical intervention. There are a number of treatments that can be offered to those who do not want to wait for the problem to resolve itself.

There are gels and shampoos that are specifically formulated for the removal of cysts. These can be used in place of the normal shampoo that would be used. This problem can be effectively treated by using a shampoo with herbal ingredients.

Prescription antibiotics can eliminate cysts on the head. Using a warm compress as a form of heat therapy may also be effective.

Surgical removal of the cyst is an option that will only be considered as a last resort. It will usually only be considered if the cyst is causing immense pain to the sufferer or if they have a bacterial infection. The procedure will usually take no longer than 15 minutes but this will depend on the number of cysts and their size.

Squeezing or popping the cyst will not treat it effectively and may cause a secondary infection. Draining the cyst is not a procedure that should be carried out at home. It will need to be drained by a physician.

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