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Water retention can lead to bloating and weight gain. This water can be eliminated from the body by taking OTC water pills. When excess water is flushed out of your system, you will feel more energetic. Water pills can also act as an appetite suppressant which can help you feel full even if you have not had a lot to eat. Aqua-Ban and Diurex are the two most popular brands of water pills that are used to aid weight loss and is reported that these two brands will not make you feel drained of energy. Water pills are relatively safe as long as the recommended dose is not exceeded. However, you should still consult your doctor before you begin to take these pills. Health complications may occur if the pills are taken for a prolonged duration. Water pills act as a diuretic and increase the amount of water and salts that are expelled by the kidneys.

A question that is often asked is whether it is a fact that water pills can be used to aid weight loss or whether this is just a myth. It is claimed that if the pills are consumed on a regular basis then the body will lose water weight. It is true that these pills may help you to lose water weight as the body is composed of over 60% water. However, they cannot help with losing body fat and because of this any weight that is lost while taking water pills will be regained as soon as you stop taking the pills. In order to be effective and to prevent regaining weight, these pills need to be taken alongside a low calorie diet that us combined with regular exercise.

What Ingredients Are Found In Water Pills?

– St John’s Wort. St John’s Wort is a herb that is commonly used in anti-depressant medications. There have been no studies that prove that St John’s Wort has any effect on weight loss. A doctor should be consulted before taking water pills that contain St. John’s Wort as it can interfere with other medications including heart medications and blood thinners.

– Cascara. Cascara is a strong laxative that has been approved by the FDA.

– Chitosan: Chitosan is found in the bones of shrimp, crabs and other shellfish. It is a starch that binds with fatty acids. The fat is then removed from the body because it cannot be absorbed. Side effects of Chitosan include gas, an upset stomach. constipation and skin rash.

– 5-hydroxytryptophan. 5-hydroxytryptophan is an extract of a plant seed that is found in West Africa. The FDA are concerned that this ingredient may have a negative effect on the liver if it is taken in large doses.

All other options for losing weight should be exhausted before using OTC water pills for weight loss. It should be remembered that these pills will only flush away water and they do not burn any excess body weight. However, taking these pills are unlikely to cause any short term or long term side effects.

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